Internet Marketing

No one will visit your website if they don’t know about it. We’ll help you reach new customers and keep in touch with existing ones.

The Internet has become the information superhighway for the buying public. Most persons prefer the hassle free transactions that Internet shopping can offer. Internet Promotion offers cost effective ways for businesses to enhance their product or service distribution networks. With millions of person using the Internet to search for products and services, businesses can penetrate other markets at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Internet Promotion also provides the advantage of being enduring. Internet Promotion is often timeless with releases remaining accessible by search engines and in archives for years to come.

The current economy has reduced marketing and promotional budgets for businesses putting them under pressure to find innovative ways to continue to market their products and services. Conventional marketing tools such as newspaper, magazine, radio and television advertisements can be costly. It can be difficult for a company with a limited budget to stay competitive. Boston Web Designers can help you focus your online marketing efforts to be most cost-effective and have the greatest results.

Our cost effective and targeted strategies will:

  • Drive quality traffic to your site
  • Generate considerable interest in your business
  • Boost your web site’s popularity
  • Increase your site’s search engine ranking
  • Help establish a business reputation
  • Increase sales
  • Increase revenue
  • Position you as an expert in the field(s)

Mailing lists can be a great way to stay in touch with customers. Let them know of new products or services and give them special offers and discounts to show your appreciation of their past business and to encourage future business.

Chances are, new customers are finding your business through web search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. However, stiff competition and other factors can result in low rankings in the search engines. A Pay-per-click traffic program offers you an effective, results-driven way to hit the ground running in terms of building website traffic and enhancing name brand awareness. If you are currently doing pay-per-click advertising or are thinking about starting a pay-per-click campaign, Boston Web Designers can help you start a new campaign or fine-tune your existing one. We’ll make recommendations on the best keywords for you to bid on and make sure that you are getting the most out of your pay-per-click budget.

Boston Web Designers also offers Search Engine Optimization services. Through different SEO strategies, you can see your search engine ranking improve and your site’s relevance in searches increase.

Ask us for a personalized proposal to let us know what online marketing strategies you are considering and we’d be happy to discuss and make recommendations. Let us focus on the marketing strategies for your website so you can focus on growing your business.

Marketing Communications is all about tight deadlines and projects that fall out of nowhere; oftentimes the mere utterance of the phrase, “Do you have,” causes instant palpitations for the MarCom Manager. I am not an exception, but I am lucky that I work with partners that I trust to help me when I have a fire to put out. Boston Web Designers is one of these trusted partners.

Oftentimes I throw projects at your company that have less than ideal turnaround times, I am pleased to report that you never let me down! Your work is well done, fast, and you are always open to feedback – even in the event of a Marketing Emergency.

Thank you for the personalized service and easing continually turning anxious situations into another request fulfilled!

Heath D. Bertone, Marketing Communications Manager
Imceda Software, Burlington, MA