Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design means we create great web sites that are optimized for all internet enabled devices.  This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Whatever device you are on, a responsive web site will adapt so visitors get a fantastic experience.   Therefore you won’t have to worry about excessive zooming, panning and frustrated users leaving your website from a bad experience.

It can be a challenge to create a different design for all devices.  There was a time when companies needed two websites for a business: one that was for desktops and one that was for mobile devices.  This is no longer an acceptable practice.  Today users have a variety of devices to choose from since the size and quantity of mobile devices has grown substantially.    To complicate things further, desktop and laptop displays are typically in landscape orientation, while mobile devices can be rotated to show websites in both landscape and portrait orientations. This means that designers and developers must design for these differences.  This is where responsive approach to web design is most practical.

How to evaluate and hire the right responsive web design firm?

The best responsive web design firms use a team based approach.  They employ both experienced graphic designers and front design professionals.   Very rarely do these skills exist in one person so beware if your designer is working alone.  For this reason you need a team working together to get the job done right.

Responsive Graphic Designers

Grid-based layouts are a key component of great Responsive Web Site Design.   When you are interviewing the best graphic designer for your project you should ask them if they can create grid base graphic design layouts. Most websites can easily be broken down into rectangles like headers, sidebars, footers and other standard web page elements.  These are the key building blocks for a responsive website.  Therefore you will want to select a graphic designer who can work with a grid based approach to design.

Responsive Front End Developers

After the graphic design for your website is completed, you will need to consult with a programmer and/or front end designer.  Make sure they can create responsive layouts.  Ideally you will want them to create a responsive layout that conforms to the user’s screen size.  In other words, instead of fixed-width layouts, make your layout and content to scale to as much screen real estate as possible.  Once completed you can use this responsive design checker to see if your website is responsive before you make final payment and launch the website to the world.

Once you find a good responsive web design firm ask them for examples of Responsive websites.

Visit Berthon USA to see one of Boston Web Designers featured responsive website projects:

Berthon USA Luxury Yachts - Responsive Web Design

Located in Newport RI, Berthon USA are agents for Contest Yachts, Rustler Yachts, Moody Yachts, and Berthon International. Leading brokerage of fine yachts such as Swans.

Berthon USA Luxury Yachts – Features a fully responsive website with a custom integrated searchable Brokerage listing service.

Here are a few more responsive web design projects our team has completed:

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