Drive awareness, build loyalty, and influence perception

A brand is no more and no less than a shared perception. To create shared perceptions brands require consistency, whether stylistic or thematic, like lessons learned by rote. A brand identity should be unified, of-a-piece. It should express internal truths and convey clarity and confidence in what the business is and what it is not. All
communications and marketing materials, from business cards to websites, should take their cue from your brand identity.

The three goals of branding are differentiation, irresistibly, and trust: stand out from the crowd, seduce your target audience, and earn their loyalty so that they become long-term customers and even brand evangelists. The value of the strategic development of brand identity and a brand style guide and the adherence to style guidelines cannot be overstated.

Our Process to Discover and Define the Essence of Your Brand.

Boston Web Designers offers a full Website and Brand Audit explicitly designed for our clients. Our team will evaluate your existing site and identity and interview your key personnel. We research your competition to understand better what will help your company stand out. 

We discover the unique ideas and characteristics that accelerate and drive your business.  Branding is about working out what you want to say and saying it in the right way to the right people. With a growing number of brands using a wide range of media to capture the attention of your potential customers, it is essential that you stand out from the crowd. That is why we aim to understand your market, products, and customers.

Lastly, we create a “vision capsule,” an individualized branding and positioning paper. The “vision capsule” serves as the foundation for your website, acting as a road map for all future marketing work. Our professional writing and web design teams translate all the information to your new website’s design. We aim to ensure that your website resonates strongly with your target audience.

Clarify and build meaning into your brand.

Boston Web Designers enhances our client-centered approach by offering you a professional marketing and public relations team.  We will help you to articulate your current place in the market and where you would like to be positioned down the road.  Then, we will work with you to define your vision and create materials that will transform your business.

Branding materials can include but are not limited to logos, print materials, advertisements, web sites, and traditional or email mailings.  We will work with you to ensure all of your marketing materials are cohesive and follow your brand identity.  We can also launch your new site and then develop a plan to promote your company through PR placement.

We have the tools to connect you to billions of Internet users.

With a strong brand comes a significant advantage in the marketplace. As your company grows and you expand your services or products, consumers will recognize your brand and know that these new products or services will offer the same level of satisfaction as those they already know and love.  Contact us today to get started.