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Boston Web Designers provides businesses nationwide with a professional e-commerce website design solution to turn their websites into a center for profit. Our team has an E-commerce solution for your company.  The solutions we provide are affordable, customizable and will suit the current needs and long-term goals of your company.

Our E-commerce solutions combine design and technology in an efficient manner that will help your online business venture thrive.  We build secure shopping carts to help merchandise your products, take orders online, process payments, and distribute digital products over the Internet. Our E-commerce website designs are easy to use, simple to manage, and allow your company to sell products or services online. We professionally design and program each site to drive sales.  Not only this, but our sites will generate the results necessary for success. With the skills to create endless features and functionality, we push the limits of E-commerce website design.

Open Source Ecommerce

While there are many different types of E-commerce websites, Boston Web Designers has extensive experience working with open source website solutions.  They are easy to work with and have the ability to integrate with most major online shopping sites including Amazon and eBay.   These solutions include Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, and nopCommerce, which operate .php or .net capabilities.  Each of these services gives us many options for the type of website you would like to build.  It also allows each E-commerce site we build to be entirely custom made.  Below we’ve listed some information about each E-commerce option we are knowledgeable about.  That way, when you consult with us, we can help you go through the information and decide which option is best for you.

Wordpress Ecommerce with WooCommerce


WooCommerce is an E-commerce website design platform that works seamlessly with its parent company,WordPress.  If your business is already operating WordPress software, WooCommerce may be the easiest way to start your E-commerce ventures.  Similarly to Magento, and all open source E-commerce platforms, we would serve as the host for your website, so you wouldn’t need to worry about hosting the site yourself.  If you are a smaller company already working with WordPress, WooCommerce may be the better option for your business.


Magento Commerce is part of Adobe Commerce Cloud, an “integrated platform for analytics, advertising, content creation, and commerce — everything you need for customer experience management.” Magento prides itself on being a particularly flexible platform which is customizable in nearly every way imaginable. There is also the ability to work with third-party integrations, unlike on many other E-commerce websites. Magento is most easily used by web development professionals, like those we have working at Boston Web Designers. The designers here can entirely maintain your E-commerce store. We recommend it for medium- to large-sized companies. The system is specifically designed for those with very high expectations for their eventual commercial output. Finally, before choosing Magento, it is good to know that it is a very expensive option for E-commerce, which is part of why we recommend its use for larger companies.

Magento Ecommerce Web Design
Joomla and VirtueMart Ecommerce Web Designers


Joomla is a content management system which works separately from WordPress systems. There are several third party extensions that can be used for ecommerce including VirtueMart, Mojo, Eshop, HikaShop and j2store.  Essentially, this means that you will need to license  software from a third party for your E-commerce needs.  Joomla’s content management system is open source and customizable. Our web developers can design and implement it for you, but is also an easy-to-use system that you could update on your own.  Joomla is a stable and lightweight PHP framework that requires Apache, PHP and MySQL to run. If your company is already operating Joomla for its E-commerce needs, rest assured that we can help support and redesign your site.


nopCommerce is an E-commerce system, designed to make E-commerce easy to maintain. The open source nature of the system allows us, as developers, to help you build up your E-commerce site. Then both the developer and the customer can add and change the system with your needs. nopCommerce has extensive functionality at a lower price than many other E-commerce options. For a small business that wants a Microsoft solution but has a limited budget, nopCommerce is a great option.


nopCommerce Web Design

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As you can see, we can create many different types of E-commerce sites, depending on what kinds of services you need. We can also support the most popular gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Square, SecurePay, Worldpay,,, and Braintree. Please, feel free to visit our E-Commerce Portfolio for samples of our work and don’t hesitate to reach out!

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