A Cryogen-Free Electron Beam Ion Trap for Astrophysically Relevant Spectroscopic Studies

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Electron gun

Electron gun

The EBIT contains a commercially purchased Pierce elec-tron gun with a 3 mm diameter, curved M-type (barium ox-ide) cathode, a focusing electrode, and an anode. The egun can produce up to 150 mA beam currents, and is supported by an Fe snout plate that provides magnetic shielding to the cath-ode. The anode and snout plate are currently tied together, and share a 5 kV high voltage power supply.

A bucking coil surrounds the egun and optimizes the mag-netic field at the cathode to reduce the beam radius.17 The coil is outside of the vacuum chamber and cooled with an inhibited technical-grade ethylene glycol. The cathode rests at earth ground potential, so the non-space charge corrected electron beam energy at the trap is determined by the voltage of the MDT, with respect to earth ground.