Adam Desrosiers

Designer / Project Manager

After more than 5 years with Boston Web Designers, Adam has established himself as the backbone of our design and art direction programs. Coming into BWD with years of experience designing for the web, for print, logo and brand development, Adam actively oversees the majority of our design projects.

With a passion for typography, composition, and color theory, Adam keeps abreast of modern trends and is the ideal person to oversee your web redesign, new company logo, mailing flyer, or other project.

With a fluent understanding of HTML and CSS, Adam actively collaborates with our programming team on web projects and knows how to anticipate programming needs to better steer our web design and UI decisions.

Adam takes particular pride in his skill to adapt to and accommodate feedback. Whether you have a strong vision for the appearance and style your job needs to move in or have only a simple color preference, Adam will prove the perfect partner and collaborator in seeing your new design come to life.

Adam Desrosiers - Designer / Project Manager

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