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Founded in 1996, Buffalo Lodging Associates’ reputation is built on delivering exceptional guest experiences in partnership with the hospitality industry’s most respected hotel brands. Buffalo Lodging’s extensive portfolio of over 40 hotels includes a wide variety of brands with the majority of their properties operated under franchise licenses from Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International. Buffalo Lodging specializes in welcoming guests, so we made sure their website was equally hospitable. To this end, we developed and designed a crisp website that communicates nothing but elegance; an important perception in the hospitality business. Slogans such as “A Signature of Excellence” and “Details that make a Difference” and drawn to the forefront to impart a distinctive degree of class. The design showcases the pristine images of many hotels within the brand’s portfolio and highlights the expertise of the staff. Our content writing served to break down the internal and external operations of Buffalo Lodging in a clear, concise manner. We also created a content management system that allows the website to be easily maintained and updated.

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