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The following blog posts were published for Automec, Inc.  and Crate and Pack.

South Shore Crate & Pack

Custom wooden crate for transportation

The Benefits of Using Custom Crates and Solid Wood Packaging

This post will look at why you should use custom wood crates and how doing so can help your business.  One of the issues many

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Special Considerations for Shipping Hazardous Materials

Shipping valuable items can be tricky, but add hazardous materials in the mix, and you face additional challenges. If packaged incorrectly, shipping hazardous materials can

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Automec, Inc.

Cone Press Brake G30

The top 10 reasons to buy an electric press brake.

When a company is in the market for an electric or hydraulic press brake, decision-makers could be wondering which one is best for them. As a result, they might assign the task of procuring a press brake to an operations manager or a financial planner. Therefore, if an operations manager is in the market for



CoastOne (Cone) Electric Press Brakes FAQ

Do CoastOne electric press brakes cost more than traditional hydraulic press brakes? CoastOne Electric press brakes may have a higher upfront out-of-pocket cost than similar hydraulic presses; however, you can usually recover the extra costs over the lifetime use in less waste, lower maintenance cost, and energy savings.  How Accurate


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