Con Edison Company of New York, a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, distributes electricity throughout most of New York City and Westchester County. It also provides natural gas and steam services in portions of the New York metropolitan area. Con Edison of New York owns and operates more than 124,000 miles of overhead and underground power distribution lines; it also owns power transmission assets, which are operated by the New York Independent System Operator. Other assets include nearly 4,300 miles of gas distribution mains, a gas liquefaction and storage facility, and electric and steam generating stations.

Project overview:

  • Con Edison employed MBA Team, Inc to create a web application to integrate its website with to generate leads for new business.  The new system generates sales leads for oil to gas conversions and other products and services as part of intense direct mail campaigns to “target” customers.
  • Customers are segmented into service areas based on their demographic location as each zip code represented a different service area. is populated by target customers contact information including the account numbers, street addresses and zip codes.
  • Con Edison sends direct mail pieces to existing customers within certain target areas where they were informed of the benefits of switching from Oil to Gas heating.  The mailer directs customers to its website where they are asked for their account number, informed about the benefits of Gas over Oil and prompted to proceed with a conversion.
  • Customers are prompted to select from 2 random vendors/contractors based on their service area.  The selected vendor is emailed the lead notifying them that a customer service request was place at the website and that they have been selected to perform the service request.  If the customer provides an email address they will also be emailed a confirmation message. An email was sent to Con Edison Sales to follow up on the sales lead and making sure the vendor does his job.

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