Client Need

Gagnon Associates delivers management consulting services to clients ranging from large, store global Fortune 100 companies to local, nurse smaller New England firms. Our business demands an extremely high level of professionalism, purchase coupled with the reliable delivery of demonstrable results. In completely updating and re-designing our former website, we needed a website design partner sophisticated enough to understand us and our business and competent enough deliver something that would convey our desired image and message. We also wanted to take our website’s effectiveness from a Search Engine Optimization point of view to the next level.

Testimonial: Ray Gagnon, Founder, Gagnon Associates

The Solution

Boston Web Designers has delivered a website for us that not only fulfills all the hopes and expectations we had but exceeds them. Our new site is dignified and serious, and reflects our professionalism and competence appropriately, while still feeling contemporary and appealing.

It has allowed us to define, illustrate and explain our ability to deliver services to clients across the critical dimensions of their businesses – the Enterprise, Operations, Teams, Individuals – in our core capability areas of Change Management, Assessment, Strategic Planning, GEWork-Out, Business Process Improvement, Team Effectiveness and Executive Coaching. In addition, it has provided us with the opportunity to supplement that explanation with detailed case studies of our engagements and client testimonials to our work. BWD’s design for the site also captures and conveys our global reach and local, Metro-West Boston presence.

To a degree we’ve never done before, our web site has been optimized for search engine effectiveness and BWD has empowered us through their very effective “content management” system and training to be able to assume the task of keeping our site fresh and up to date.

The Process

As pleased as we are with the final product, it is perhaps BWD’s way of working with a client that sets them most apart. It is characterized by the highest levels of competence, flexibility, trust, integrity and value. From the beginning, project definition and expectations were clear. As the work progressed, the process became comfortably iterative as we proceeded from the prototype design, to changes, to the next revision, etc. There was never a hint from BWD that we were asking for too much. They were flexible and accommodating and kept implementing our requests reliably, improving the site at every turn, until the final result delighted us and exceeded our expectations. Of great significance to us, too, is the fact that they delivered a very high level of value for the investment dollars we spent with them.

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