Founded in 1990, the Halfway Café is a family owned and operated restaurant with locations in Watertown, Marlboro, Dedham, Canton, Holbrook and Maynard. The Halfway Café has gained recognition from several food journals in the Boston area for outstanding value and service. They had the chops (and the steak tips) to call themselves one of the best eateries in Massachusetts.

To create an effective brand image for Halfway Café, we developed a new, responsive website with a variety of tools to bolster their marketing campaign. Of these tools, the e-mail communications system and promotional applications can be used to interact with and satisfy loyal customers of Halfway Café.

We also created a content management system and a back end system to for customer relationship management, which is vital for this family-oriented restaurant.

The Halfway Cafe website ( now has some great new features including games and content management tools.

The Halfway Cafe - Homepage Design
The Halfway Cafe - Homepage Design
The Halfway Cafe - Custom Flash Game Page Close-up
The Halfway Cafe - Custom Flash Game Page Close-up

In addition, our team helped incorporate several unique and fun features to make the website browsing experience just as interactive as siting down to eat at the Halfway Café.

  • Halfway Café has the ability to use polls and survey as sidebars on the website, asking customers about their favorite menu items and other topics. Staff can easily view the results and use the responses to implement promotional strategies.
  • We created an automated birthday e-mail offer tool that sends out e-mails to loyal customers the month of their birthday. Effortless on both ends, all customers have to do is sign up for the Halfway Café Food and Fun Campaign to take advantage of birthday offers.
  • Our team helped Halfway Café make social media a prominent feature on the new website. Facebook and Twitter buttons are visible on every page of the site and a Twitter scroll is front and center on the homepage. Showing the effect of these features on their reach, Halfway Café has built up almost 10,000 likes on Facebook.
  • Photo gallery management was also an important area for Halfway Café. We gave them the ability to manage their selection of mouthwatering pictures in a safe and cost effective manner.
  • One of the most unique feature is the Online Scratch Ticket tool that allow website visitors to test their luck at winning a free gift certificate. The tool has a cool sound effect and customers have to register for the Food and Fun Campaign to participate. The Halfway Café has control over the game’s odds of winning and the number of scratch visitors allowed.
  • In further support of the e-mail marketing campaign, Halfway Café can collect e-mail address at their six restaurant locations and enter them online from a password protected area. This has helped Halfway Café acquire over 4,000 subscribers. After sending out e-mail communications, marketing data can easily be downloaded and utilized for promotional and product strategies.

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