Liv2Cre8 - Homepage Design
Liv2Cre8 - Homepage Design
Liv2Cre8 - Supporting Graffiti Artists Creativity Page Close-up
Liv2Cre8 - Supporting Graffiti Artists Creativity Page Close-up
Liv2Cre8 - City/Artist Page Design
Liv2Cre8 - City/Artist Page Design

About Liv2Cre8:

The business idea is simple: license graffiti art around the word from the best graffiti artists and make it available to those who love it on products they wear every day.

Liv2cre8’s mission is to promote graffiti art and the artists who make it. They do this in two ways: sharing their profits with the artists who design for the company; and donating 5% of profits to fund art scholarships for aspiring artists.

Project Requirements:

The website needed to be representative of graffiti pop culture, but also reflect a company with a commitment to both charitable giving and the sale of high-end, quality products. We were hired to create a new website and online brand that reflected an image of the company being alternative, edgy, global, artistic, caring, charitable, sexy, stylized, contemporary, fashionable, and different.

Getting The Job Done:

The website needed to be very attractive yet dynamic. In short, our goal was to create something that was progressive, premium, trendy, fun, informal, and bold. We did this by using a combination of flash animation, streaming videos, graffiti graphics, graffiti style fonts, and select stock photography from around the world. The entire website including each internal page design and layout was handled with the same amount of artistic care and detail.

Our labors of love made outstanding graffiti art come alive!! From the home page animation to the detailed internal pages hundreds of hours in time commitment and creative direction were needed to create the right image for what would turn out to be an outstanding work of art when done.

Home Page Flash Animation:

The home page was a simple 30-second animation of a graffiti artist spraying graffiti paint on a wall, allowing the company logo to emerge at the end. This was a teaser to whet the appetite of the visitor, enticing them to see what was inside. This affect was edgy, fun and quickly projected the nature of the website to the visitor.

Our Mission:

The Mission Statement page was designed to show that the company and the graffiti cultural phenomenon had global appeal and reach. The photo of earth shows the different feature artist locations around the world where Liv2Cre8 had licensing agreements and partners for graffiti art.

We Support Creativity:

We used photo stock and simple animation to show the transformation from graffiti as permission-based artistic activity to one that has commercial and artistic application around the world. Many young graffiti artists are content to express themselves through permission-based art in their neighborhood. Other graffiti artists want to go a more commercial route and have their graffiti murals displayed and sold in galleries.

Using photo stock and simple animation, we illustrated Liv2cre8’s goal to bring graffiti art from the streets to the galleries. Liv2cre8 wants to support graffiti as an art form and support young artists.

Buy Clothing – Artist City:

The website features city pages that include art and information about the Liv2cre8 artists themselves. Each graffiti artist had a bio and the buyer could watch their video and learn about the artist before they made a purchase to support them. Each artist also had a special tag that was imprinted like a signature on each T-shirt and would be prominently displayed throughout the site.

Artists’ Stories:

When done, the site would feature five major graffiti artists and this page was designed to bring them all together. It would include a quick link to buy clothing or view the artist’s bio. This redundant navigation allowed visitors to see all the artists on one page, view videos and/or quickly jump to make a purchase to support them.

Show Us Your Style:

This section allowed customers to share photos and would eventually serve as a photo gallery of customer testimonials.

Graffiti History:

The company’s commitment to charity and graffiti arts would not be complete without an academic section on the history of graffiti including a photo of ancient graffiti markings.

E-commerce Features:

We created an e-commerce and content management system that allowed flexibility to expand the company’s product line, including art options and product features. The e-commerce system included functionality to expand the number of cities, expand the number of artists, expand the types of clothing, accommodate different languages, and expand number of T-shirt colors. It was also built to accommodate International Product Sales and was user-friendly, allowing the company to handle adding new products and managing inventory and order fulfillment in-house.

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