Harvard Medical School Department of Pathology

Harvard University’s Department of Pathology wanted a design consistent with the Harvard Medical School (HMS) brand and image. Their existing web site had been designed by a student and did not properly portray the image of this famous Boston educational institution. In addition, content was stale and needed timely updates. After seeing the site we had done for the Glenn Labs at Harvard Medical School, they turned to us to design the new look.

HMS Pathology - Homepage Design
HMS Pathology - Homepage Design
HMS Pathology - Overview Page Close-up
HMS Pathology - Overview Page Close-up
HMS Pathology - Affiliates Page Close-up
HMS Pathology - Affiliates Page Close-up

We developed a new design to create a more contemporary and professional design with photo elements that changed throughout designated areas on the site. The site has a 100% screen design that scales down with low resolution monitors. Visitors get a full screen design effect without the sideways scrolling that can happen with designs that do not scale properly. We also reorganized the website content to make it easier for the user to navigate the site.

Upon completion of the new website we were asked to perform web design maintenance services. This ensures that updates are made on a timely basis and in a manner that is consistent with HMS Web Guidelines and established brand standards. We have been working with Harvard Medical School for more than 3 years.

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