Boston Web Designers provides website design, WordPress programming, hosting, email marketing support, and NetSuite integration services for Power Solutions.

NetSuite Integration and Web Design for Power Solutions

Since 2012, Boston Web Designers has provided ongoing website maintenance and hosting services for Power Solutions.  Our web design team recently fitted their site with a new content management system, NetSuite Integration, and upgrades to their design.

About Power Solutions

Since 1993, Power Solutions has been an independent provider of power protection products and services. They help facilities managers, and IT professionals in government agencies, education, healthcare, telecommunications, and facilities management stay current with power technologies. They work with customers to help them with their immediate needs for energy solutions while staying within the context of their long-term facility plan.

Power Solutions has experts on staff to help with anything from the smallest desktop UPS to the largest data center design and construction project.  Therefore, Power Solutions can help with UPS systems and batteries, DC power plants, data center or wiring closet cooling, or on-site services and preventive maintenance.

About NetSuite Integration

NetSuite is an Oracle Cloud ERP providing a unified business management suite.  The cloud solution includes capabilities for ERP/Financials, CRM, and e-commerce.   Oracle and the NetSuite product serves more than 40,000 organizations.  Boston web designers worked with Power Solutions’ to enable its website with integrated lead management capabilities.  Integrating your website with Netsuite lets you streamline lead management, manage connections and reconcile purchases and shipping plans.  Before you make the sale, Netsuite integration saves time and increases customer satisfaction at all levels.  NetSuite Integration captures customer information accurately at the time of your initial customer visit.   Integration makes your website data in sync with your ERP.  Hence NetSuite Integration keeps your business free from problems with communication and mistakes in handling sales data.

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