Should I start using Facebook for marketing? How about Twitter?

This article provides a basic understanding of using Facebook for marketing your business.

Using Facebook for marketing your business

For anyone new to using Facebook for marketing and social media in general, getting started can be a daunting task. If you take it step by step, it can be a rewarding and lucrative practice. These simple strategies will start you on the road to success.

  • Invest Your Time – The difference between using Facebook for marketing and other more traditional promotional channels is that the small business owner needs to invest some of their own time to develop a message and a strategy. The extra effort will be well worth it as customers begin to provide feedback and communicate directly with you. So how much time do you need to be spending? Not hours a day! Although given the addictive nature of this social medium, that may happen. You can put several hours a week on Facebook and see substantial results.
  • Hang in for the Long-Term – Be patient, like all good things in life, Facebook marketing takes time and investment. Rather than expecting an immediate return, look at it as a long-term educational and marketing experience. As you improve your strategy, you’ll attract more fans and more feedback. It takes time to master using Facebook for marketing and time to reap the rewards, but the payoff is well worth it. Stay with it for the long haul.
  • Limit Your Advertising Budget but Maintain One – Remember, the more dollars on advertising does not always mean more revenue. Start off with a few dollars a day to test out Facebook’s advertising system. As you decide out which ads work most efficiently, you can begin to increase your ad spending steadily. Start with a few hundred-dollar investment. Remember, this is an educational process, and with so many resources on the Internet, learning has never been cheaper, and neither is gaining friends and fans.
  • Take Advantage of Promotional Opportunities – You launched your Facebook Page, your ads are running, and you have a few fans of your Facebook Page. Now what? In addition to engaging users on Facebook, you also want to get them making purchases. Now is the time to start to use creative incentives to drive people back to your page and to your business, so test out different strategies and see which work best.
  • Keep Your Fans Engaged and Returning for More – Share company news, interesting quotes, humorous anecdotes, industry happenings and ways to save. Share yourself but also become an exciting place to return again and again for quality content.

The secret to understanding Facebook is just to begin.  Set up one or more than one Facebook page depending on your resources and available time commitment.  Then start to build a following on Facebook.  Before you know it you will be marketing like a pro on Social Media. Every small business can take advantage of the many free promotional opportunities that Facebook presents as well as advertising for a reasonable cost. There are numerous strategies to help increase the number of fans you have on the site. The best thing to do is to get started and figure it out from there!

Using Twitter for Marketing Your Business

In recent years, Twitter has exploded with hundreds of thousands of active users. Using Twitter for business purposes is becoming extremely common, if not essential. The value of Twitter is evident immediately from a business standpoint. It is a tool that is free and gives the user the opportunity to reach large numbers of potential clients all over the world. Some reasons to use this powerful means of communication include:

  • Learning From Others – You can follow the leaders in your field and business. Twitter offers a free, speedy and straightforward way to learn best practices and gain knowledge from the top influences.
  • Networking/Relationship Building – This is indeed the primary purpose of social media. Businesses and individuals talk to each other, share ideas and support each other
  • Visibility – Twitter is a quick, simple way of getting your business known and discussed. Attach your URL to your Twitter profile, and you never know from where your next customer might come.
  • Branding – You don’t have to be a major brand to make an impact. Everyone wants to connect with a person, and you can tell your story.
  • Follow the Buzz – You need to stay on top of your industry to be successful. You also can discover opportunities or get the buzz on potential clients.
  • Finding Clients – Many small and large businesses post on Twitter with job or contract opportunities. Building strategic partnerships are the start of a great business relationship.
  • Direct Sales – It is possible to sell via Twitter by tweeting advertising sales and promotions with directions to your website, blog or physical business.
  • Impress Your Clients – You can follow your clients and prospective clients. Learn about their businesses and support the conversations they’re having with their clients, partners and even employees. You can share this knowledge with your clients and also tap into it in building out proposals or offering solutions.
  • Marketing – Start following prospective clients and they will follow you. Stand out as a thought leader in your field. Utilize special offers and coupons and tweet them to all.
  • Communicating with Employees – Twitter is a great collaboration tool. In fact, the founders created Twitter for that reason.
  • Share Your Business Information – Tell your Twitter followers what they need to know, about you, your business and your products. Tell them about offers, promotions and new products.
  • Provide a forum for customer feedback – You can engage in an immediate conversation with your customers. Just remember to stay on your toes with excellent customer service, as you will hear the pros and the cons from your customers. Invest time in your business by giving them opportunities to offer opinions.
  • Finding or Posting a Job – Recruiters and seekers are utilizing Twitter to post about jobs wanted or job openings.

If all this sounds complicated and you feel that you just don’t have the time or expertise some companies can do the work for you. Find someone with experience in setting up accounts, building followers and creating content. Give them some necessary information about your company and leave them to what they do best while you get on with running your business.

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